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The tomb of the sun priest Neferinpu (AS37)

The tomb of the sun priest Neferinpu (AS37)
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Autor: Bárta, Mirolav
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Ident. 1068
Formato: 247 págs.
Tamaño: 21 x 30
Encuadernación: rígida
Edición: 2014
I.S.B.N.: 9788073005445


This publication is the latest monographic outcome of a long-term project of survey and research of the archaeological site of Abusir, focusing on a particular set of cemeteries located at Abusir South. So far, four volumes were published on selected tombs and tomb complexes located in Abusir South - Abusir V, Abusir XIII, Abusir XIX and Abusir XXII. The present volume of the Abusir series concentrates on the mastaba of Neferinpu (AS 37). It aims to present primary data and their basic analysis and interpretation acquired during the tomb examination by the Czech Institute of Egyptology during two subsequent seasons of 2006 and 2007 and followed by some minor campaigns in 2012 and 2013 and a specific analytical campaign in September 2014 carried out by the Japanese team from Tokyo University of Sciene. The mastaba was built by a sun priest and official Neferinpu who reached the peak of his career during the reign of Nyuserra and Djedkara. Altogether fifteen chapters are contained in the present volume. They cover all major aspects of the mastaba's history: names and titles of Neferinpu and his family, architecture, decoration, finds, graffiti, pottery, model stone vessels, anthropological and zoological finds, radiocarbon sample, artefacts possibly related to the mastaba, 3D scanning of selected artefacts, facial reconstruction of two individuals including Neferinpu and X-ray Raman spectroscopy analysis of selected artefacts. Next to it, the first and last chapters are dedicated to more general aspects of the site and the mastaba and her owner and related to a general historical background of the period. Throughout the publication, the reader should find a companion to subject- and period-specific issues concerning the development of Ancient Egyptian society of the day. Broad scope of issues covering political, religious, symbolical, social and behavioural aspects of Neferinpu's time and his close circle of related persons can be followed and negotiated.

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