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The tomb of vizier Rekhmire. TT100. Vol I

The tomb of vizier Rekhmire. TT100.  Vol  I
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Autor: Güell Rous, Josep M.
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Ident. 1101
Formato: 176 págs.
Tamaño: 17 x 24
Encuadernación: rústica con solapa
Traductor: David Ian Lighbody
Edición: 2018
I.S.B.N.: 9788494805509


Vizier Rekhmire served as Mayor of the city of Thebes and Vizier of Upper Egypt, and was responsible for administration and justice during the reign of the great pharaoh Thutmose III. The vizier’s tomb is a cultural legacy of international significance. The textual and iconographic details of TT100, the largest private sepulcher of the 18th Dynasty in the Theban necropolis, will be analyzed in this work.
The first volume of the study of the tomb of the vizier Rekhmire offers a detailed description of the well-known scene of foreigners bringing tribute. Over five registers, representatives of the lands of Punt, the Keftiu, Nubia, Retenu and Levantine and Nubian captives, parade before the vizier carrying different products from their respective countries as gifts intended for the pharaoh.
The different aspects of this scene are examined in depth, especially those relating to the people of Keftiu. The representations of these people provide clues as to their origins, and to the reasons for their presence in Egypt during the reigns of Hatshepsut and Thutmose III, which have been subjects of academic controversy. The author also raises various hypotheses about the possible causes of the damnatio memoriae that the vizier and the decoration of his tomb were subjected to.


Josep Maria Güell i Rous
was born in Camprodon, near Girona, in Spain. Has a Masters degree in Egyptology from the Clos Archaeological Foundation in Barcelona, and completed Postgraduate studies in Egyptology at the Institute for the Study of the Ancient Near East at the Autonomous University of Barcelona (UAB). He is currently part of the team documenting the texts and iconographic details of the tomb of Vizier Rekhmire (TT100) in Luxor. He teaches informative courses in Egyptology and lectures at conferences about ancient Egypt. Rekhmire receiving foreign tribute is the first book that has written, although he has previously published articles on the tomb of Rekhmire, in the volume Seven Centuries of Oriental Studies (Séptimo Centenario de Estudios Orientale, University of Salamanca, 2012), in the proceedings of the Vth Congress of Egyptology in Cuenca (2015) and in the book Ex Aegypto lux et sapienta, Homenatage al professor Josep Padró Parcerisa (University of Barcelona and the Catalan Society of Egyptology, 2015). The author is a member of the Queen Elizabeth Association of Egyptologists of Brussels, The Egypt Exploration Society of London, the Spanish Association of Egyptology, the Catalan Society of Egyptology, and the Clos Archaeological Foundation.

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